Our Services


eCom provides the full spectrum of production options for your communication materials.  Whether you want your ads commercially printed, sent to a local printer, or printed on your own, we have the solution..

Mail Distribution

Want your printed materials delivered to your customers? eCom’s integrated print delivery services make it easy with options including direct mail, marriage mail, newspaper insertion, direct store delivery and more.

Electronic Distribution

We deliver your electronic ads automatically in seconds to your website or social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, all viewable on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.  Take your existing email addresses, embed your unique AdViewer link and you have the perfect email campaign.

Graphical Services

Don’t have time to do it yourself or just need some help?  Whatever the need, eCom provides a complete offering of graphical services including ad customization, graphic design, logo creation, one-off advertisement creation, product or life-style photography, and much more.

Account Management

Our people make the difference.  Our Account Managers have years and years of experience in many diverse markets and focus on the big picture, making sure that goals, objectives and targets are being obtained.

Customer Service

Our Customer Service Staff focuses on helping you with the day-to-day tasks including demonstrations, print management, training, fielding general questions about our programs or services and much more.

Technical Services

Our trained Technical Services Staff are specialized in helping you with not only the technical aspects of our programs and services but also focus on computer hardware and software questions that may arise in your organization.

Marketing Services

Helping move the needle is what it’s all about.  Our Marketing Specialists will help set marketing and advertising goals that will not only set you on the right path but will help you get the maximum return on your investment.

Sales Services

Don’t want to use your internal sales force to focus on your marketing and advertising efforts?  Let us do it for you!  Our team can be an extension of yours, including inbound and outbound calls, training, program sign-ups and more.

Trade Show Attendance

Our holistic approach to helping you manage your advertising and marketing needs includes being an extension of your organization at trade shows including demonstrations, customer service, technical service, seminars and much more.

Educational Seminars

Whether at a trade show, regional meeting, corporate trainin or an on-line seminar, let our years of experience and expertise help you communicate your message to your people.

Custom Software Development

]It all started here.  Since 1978, eCom has been inventing better ways to leverage technology to help our customers increase recognition, productivity and profitability.  We love sitting down with our clients, listening to their desires or challenges and creating a solution that revolutionizes their business.  It’s what we do!