Are you caught up in the same old inefficient advertising rut?  Tired of your graphics department doing nothing more than type setting week after week instead of being creative and constantly spinning their wheels by duplicating efforts?  Frustrated with the internal disconnect of every department being on a different page with different information?  Well, you’re not alone. 

When it comes to inefficiency, we’ve see everything from feast to famine.  On the feast side, we see armies of graphic artists trying to keep up with mountains of localized ads, relegated to nothing more than type setting all day long, stressed-to-the-max to hit deadlines, then repeating the same cycle over and over again.  On the famine side, we see retailers doing absolutely nothing to advertise their businesses and corporations offering an all-but-dead, one-size-fits-all advertising program.  But what if it didn’t have to be that way?

What if versioned ads were automatically created for every retailer based on the products and services they offer?  What if retailers could make changes to pricing, products or other information themselves, or you could make changes for them all within the same program?  What if all your data and assets were in one location for everyone to utilize?  That’s exactly what eCom makes possible. 

eCom’s suite of products and services allows you to manage ads in one program, making it easy for everyone to be on the same page.  And eCom’s efficiency is unbeatable.  Our programs create multiple formats of ads automatically, without duplication of effort or expense, enabling customers to be reached across all media platforms!  Ad creation, production, distribution, reporting and data management efficiencies free up valuable time and resources for you and your retailers.  Let us show you how eCom can do the heavy lifting for you.