No company can be all things to all people.  As a technology company, inventing software solutions lends itself to go in many directions.  But we’ve learned to operate in our sweet spot.  Nearly 20 years ago, Purina Mills came to us with a problem.  We built a solution.  It revolutionized the way businesses advertise.  Fast forward to today.  We’ve invented many additional solutions but the core of what we do remains the same.  Although our portfolio of products, services and patents has grown, we’ve never strayed from our core competency and focus.

We’ve also established great partnerships with industry relationships.  We have chosen to integrate with others to enhance what we do - experts in printing, direct mail and email marketing – and to bring you a holistic solution.

Who do we focus on?  Although anyone can use our software, we primarily focus on helping independent retailers, distributors and manufacturers.  Our proprietary inventions primarily support advertising, marketing and data collection solutions, but we do so much more.  Through the years, our focus has been offering great solutions to great partners who desire to become more efficient and profitable.